At this time The Magic and Movie Museum has a limited
budget, contributions are welcome and
appreciated, be it monetary, or items that can be
displayed in the museum.

Items that are donated must have been used on screen in
a film or by well known magicians.

Other contributions that can be accepted are "Decor"
items such as old film cannisters, reels, movie cameras
and lighting (even they dont function, or are
"fixeruppers") etc.

You will be credited for your contributions , however all
items donated become property of Darrin Race and The
Magic and Movie Museum.

Contact Darrin by clicking on the million dollar bill below
and put "CONTRIBUTION" in the subject line and he will
reply A.S.A.P.

Click on the Oscar Award
to learn about him.
Kurt Russell
Autographed LP album
from the 1979 production