Earlier in his life, stage magician Tony
Blake had spent time in prison for a
crime he had not committed. Prison had
been a particularly distasteful
experience for a man of his
background, and had left him with a
strong sense of concern for personal
freedom and individual rights.

Once he got out, he put his talents as
an illusionist and escape artist to use
helping people in danger and
preventing crimes. Syndicated
columnist and novelist Max Pomeroy
was a close friend of Tony's and was
often responsible for bringing him

Max's paraplegic son, Dennis, although
confined to a wheelchair, also became
involved in the cases, as did Jerry
Wallace, the pilot of Tony's private
airliner, The Spirit.

Mid-season Tony took up residence at Hollywood's famous Magic Castle, where many of the
most renowned magicians in the world preformed, and some of them were seen on this show.
The magic acts preformed by Blake were also genuine: Bill Bixby was an amateur magician.

from 1978 to 1982 Bill Bixby had another sucessful TV Series
"The Incredible Hulk" also starring body builder Lou Ferrigno